Treatment process

clinique solution apnée et ronflement


If a diagnostic of sleep apnea was established, a 30 minutes appointment at Dr Carrière’s office will be recommended to determine if you are a candidate for an oral device. The ideal candidate will have seen his dentist and taken care of any dental work required prior to starting the process for a mandibular advancing device (MAD).

Once any outstanding dental work has been done, then, an appointment with Dr Carrière will be scheduled to make sure dental health is optimal and ready to start the process for an oral device. She will then start the process by taking imprints of the patient’ teeth and the exact measurements of one’s mouth to ensure a perfect fit for the custom-made oral device needed. Two to three weeks later a following appointment will be necessary to perform the last adjustments for the mandibular advancing devices (MAD)

Following appointments will be required for additional adjustments to ensure an ideal fit of the oral devices. You will then be redirected to see your family physician or Pneumologist to monitor the sleep apnea improvements and confirm the efficiency of the oral device. Later on verification appointments every 6 months are recommended to ensure efficiency is maintained as well as dental health.